Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need to create an account?

To create a photo portfolio, you need a login.

To upload your images to the forum, you need to login.

To do reviews for the images, you need to login.

What is the community rating?

There are two types of rating systems. One is individual photo rating. Another one is portfolio rating. Second one is automatically done by first ratings. All the photos finally go to profile rating calculation.

Average rating of 3.0 profiles will be eligible for the featured photo scheme.

What is the self-rating?

Self-rating is that your own rating of your images. The statistics of own rating and community rating will be compared in the future and it will be the measurement of your status of development.

Variance of both ratings will be effected to rate your profile.

What is the maximum photo upload limit?

Starting from 10 maximum upload limit for each profile.

Average rating up to 3.5 profiles will have another 10 photos. That rating should be included 6 different people to vote for 3.5 avarage rate.

What is the minimum resolution for an upload?

900x900 is the minimum resolution. Height or Width should not be less than 900 px.

We do not keep high resolution images for general uploads.

What is the maximum photo upload size?

It is 10Mb max file size.

We will reduce the size after uploading up to 200Kb.

Who can participate to photo uploading?

All the photographers are welcome to join with this photo community.

Landscape photographers are especially rewarding with the LPM.

Can I add watermark for my photos?

Yes you can add your own watermark.

As we are not keeping high resolution images it is not an issue to post without watermark and no one can download your high resolution photos from this site.

Does LPM use my photos any commerial purpose?

No, we are not using your photos are any commercial purpose.

In future you can add your works to our marketplace module. It is not implemented yet.

What is the marketplace?

Marketplace is image selling and bidding platform.

It is not implemeted yet.