Sihina Lahiru Verified

Magical Dusk

This is the one of the great places located in the Southern Coast in Sri Lanka.I got this place incidentally while I
searching for a new landscape to be done. The place is all known as Habaraduwa , which I made my composition under this
portfolio. It was after a heavy rain when I reach there. Dark clouds were spotted into the water with the cool environment.
Soon after the sun has started shine and it's reached to the half-light gradually. I was keep my eyes on the disappearance
of the sun and I madly enjoy that moment. There was not really a buzz on that spot. If you travel in Southern Coastal area
you will easily grab this nature.

With this wooden canoe I captured the long exposure shot with NIKON D7200 attached to 11-20mm 2.8f power lens and ZOMEI
ND 10 FILTER to made this expression valuable. I believe that I was lucky to have this opportunity in front of my eyes.
The timbers were aged and the light that streamed after rain were really glowed. It was truly a great place and I loved it.