Sihina Lahiru Verified

Decorous Eve

I was planning to take this shot long period before. Unfortunately I was failed because of the high-tide of the sea. I was on a journey for a couple of weeks and I used to came and click those snaps intolerantly. But I wanted to make my wish as it is. Finally I made up with the possibility when the day came with
low-tide. That evening I came up with a chance to capture that moment with NIKON D7200 fixed to the 11-20mm 2.8f power lens. ZOMEI ND 10 FILTER and SIRUI TRIPOD did the rest of this seascape.

The strong point of this beach is the rock which stand in opposition to the shore is named as FROG ROCK, located in Dalawella Beach, Unawatuna. Unawatuna is a coastal town in Galle District of Sri Lanka. And it answering for a major
tourist attraction as well. This place is highly reccommand for the tourism in all aspects.

When it comes to the scenery it was so cloudy evening and started sundown with the great atmosphere. Mosses filled rocks and sandy shore make this landscape more worth and has added beauty for this long exposure. The place is so delightful to enjoy the stay while feeling the beauty of the nature.