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Eremerasa waterfall

Flavored water or rice water is a nickname for natural baths sourced from the Lompobattang mountain spring located in Bantaeng district.  This bathing area has become one of the mainstays of natural tourism in Bantaeng district.  Aside from being a tourist area, Eremerasa's natural baths are also included in protected forest areas.  So that there are many large trees that surround this bath.
 Clean water sources in Bantaeng Regency rely on mountain springs.  At the Eremerasa natural bathing location, visitors can see first hand the spring.  Large trees that surround the bathing pool also occasionally spout water from the roots of trees.
 The contours in the Eremerasa bathing area are not on the plains, the surface of the topography resembles a bowl.  It can be imagined at the bottom of the bowl is a bath of springs and ponds, then the walls of the bowl as a cliff with a slope of 8-15% (ramps).
 Because it saves the potential of natural tourism such as a spring that never dries and the atmosphere is cool because of many shady trees, this area was made a natural tourism area by the Bantaeng government.  Every holiday, this place is always crowded by residents around and from neighboring districts.  The number of visitors in this tourism area is fairly high every year (13,508-14,420 tourists since 2006-2010).